STEAM Foundation is proud to be a member of NASCEE (National Association of Social Change Entities in Education). STEAM was a founding organisation when the constitution was approved in May 2019.

NASCEE is a voluntary member-based organisation that works in a systematic framework so that they can offer the most value to our members which includes:

  • Creating opportunities
  • Fostering good governance
  • Extending capacity & facilitating improvement
  • Promotion of project impact
  • Experience-based advocacy

As the Constitution of NASCEE states:

3.1 The main object of the Association is to build a high quality equitable education system for all South Africans. This object shall be achieved by, inter alia:

3.1.1    Forging a strong collaboration between education non-profit organisations and becoming a strategic partner with its members in achieving their objects;

3.1.2 Setting up networks between education non-profit organisations, government institutions and the philanthropic community;

3.1.3 Strengthening the capacity of education non-profit organisations so that they have the capability to render quality services, address the social issues which hinder education and engage successfully in the education space;

3.1.4 Promoting and raising awareness of the work of education non-profit organisations, for proper appreciation of their functions and challenges; and

3.1.5 Advocating for quality education by harnessing the knowledge and information from the sector to influence education policy.

3.2 These objects of the Association shall be carried out in a non-profit manner, and with an altruistic or philanthropic intent and the activities of the Association shall be for the benefit of or widely accessible to the general public at large.

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