STEAM Foundation activity

  • We train and empower educators to deliver better science learning through practical experiments in the classroom.
  • We develop innovative teaching materials that are aligned with CAPS (the South African National Curriculum Assessment and Policy Statement).
  • We build educators’ resilience and confidence.
  • We enable educators to get SACE points for their participation in STEAM Foundation training.
    • The Experimento seminars are certified as an official further training tool in accordance with SACE criteria through the UCT Schools Development Unit. The unit developed two SACE-accredited Experimento short courses, one for primary and one for secondary school science educators.
  • We attract learners from under-resourced schools to science through discovery-based and co-operative learning practises.

STEAM Foundation results to date

  • The STEAM Foundation has trained more than 75 educators from over 50 schools with educational benefits for tens of thousands of learners.
  • The Siemens Stiftung’s Experimento programme has trained 705 educators in 431 SA schools since 2012, reaching more than 54,000 learners.